Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome to Tomatoes & Potatoes!

So I have finally done it — finally broken into the world of food blogging, and I must admit that I’m quite excited about it!  I constantly weave my way through the many, many food blogs out there, looking for fun new tips, recipes and good stories.  It has turned into quite the hobby of mine…one that sometimes interferes with work, but shh, don’t tell.  

I work for a nonprofit organization on the development team.  I throw different fundraising events across the country.  I enjoy the freedom creativity involved with throwing events.  However, creativity in the kitchen excites me even more.  I love thinking about what’s for dinner that night.  This past summer was extra fun, as we grew a lot of wonderful vegetables in the garden out back.  Everything always tastes so much better with fresh ingredients!  I am really looking forward to what this summer will bring.  Just need to get these next couple cold months!

I’m certainly no expert… yet… I have many successes and of course some failures, but I enjoy the learning experience and I am looking forward to sharing my recipes and stories with you!  Cheers!

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