My name is Kathleen and I am an amateur chef -- amateur in all sense of the word amateur.  I have developed such a passion for all things tasty and beautiful in the kitchen, and really enjoy creating new dishes.  Every day I continue to learn about spices, different combinations of food and kitchen techniques. I cook because I love it and all of the creative possibilities.  I have also developed a passion for using organic ingredients.  This has stemmed from the garden my boyfriend built last summer.  He is a pro in the garden and I love using his crops in our dinners each night!  I am looking to see what the garden will bring us this summer!  I don't claim to be an expert in any of it, just someone who knows what she loves.    

I currently work as an event planner for a nonprofit organization, however I am considering a possible career in the food industry.  Perhaps a trip to culinary school?  I am also a freelance journalist in my spare time.  Join me as I discover new foods, new recipes, and explore a possible new career path.  Cheers!